What we're looking for...

Compose your question. This should be the kind of question that is almost too difficult to put into a single sentence because there’s so much weight to it.

There are no stupid questions but there is a more thoughtful question. There’s a question that you can’t ask your closest friends or family because you are sure you know what they will respond with. There’s a question that you don’t want to ask the people you know personally because you don’t want them to know about your struggle or your predicament. Use that question.

Film Your Question...

  • in a quiet place
  • in 1 minute or less (but no more!)
  • as an mp4 (Tip: iPhone recordings are fine!)

What to include in your recording...

  • Don’t say your name if you don't want anyone to know it! (This will be made into a video that will likely be shared. If you want to remain anonymous, please don’t share your name. It cannot be taken down later!) If you want to remain anonymous, please indicate that you would like to do so and we can blur out your face in the edit. 
  • Your age range or exact age (if you’re comfortable doing so)
  • Some details you’re comfortable sharing about yourself.
  • Context to your question.
  • Your question, as one single sentence.

When you are happy with your question, please email it to projectTIOLI@gmail.com.

  • You don’t have to share your name in your email. Feel free to remain anonymous.
  • Tell us where you’re from (Neighborhood, City, State, Country). We want to get answers from people that aren’t too close to you.
  • We need your consent in the email to use your video in a public video
    •  i.e.: “You have my permission to use the attached video in a Project TIOLI's public video.”