Project Tioli, which stands for "Take it or leave it" is personalized, loving guidance from all walks of life in the form of a short videos.

Conversely, its an opportunity to share your wisdom with a stranger.

Our viewers will email us with hard hitting questions that they need a little extra perspective on. We travel outside of that person's environment to ask people from all walks of life to answer the questions, as if they were speaking to someone they truly love.


To open your mind when you are seeking guidance outside of the predictability of your core support network.

Occasionally, the best advice you will ever receive comes from a stranger. Every once in a while, you get that nugget of wisdom that will change the way you approach your situation.

This is an opportunity for strangers to dish out their best advice, their toughest love, and that outlook you just couldn't get on your own. 

Connecting strangers, one video at a time...